Why Keto Fridge?

We eat keto so we know what works and what tastes good, plus life gets busy sometimes and having a few of these in the freezer (even though we’re Keto Fridge) makes life super convenient.

How’s it work?

  • Order your meals one by one (4 meal minimum).
  • Orders are shipped Monday-Thursday.
  • Orders are received within 1-3 business days from placing order.
  • Place all meals in a freezer upon delivery
  • When your hungry, simply pop a meal out and follow the heating instructions on the box
  • Meals last 6 months in the freezer.

What if I don’t like what I get?

Shoot me an email, Hi@KetoFridge.com

What if I DO like what I get?

Shout us out! Post it, tell your friends, tell your mom or your grandkids or your best friend or your cat! Trying to build a keto empire here…

The dry ice was melted when it got here, what?!?

Good! It’s supposed to do that, you’re cool!

Will you be adding more stuff?

Always! Breakfasts, meals, desserts, ice creams, snacks! Any ideas? Email me: Hi@KetoFridge.com


Minimum Qty Discount
Buy 4 + Get at $11.99
Buy 8 + Get at $10.99
Buy 12 + Get at $10.50
Buy 20 + Get at $9.99