How it Works

·  Order by Monday at 11:59PM PST and your order is delivered by Friday (Thursday in some areas) that same week

· After your first order, your subsequent orders will arrive the same day every week.

· Our menus change every week with 10 new meals each week

· Since all of our food is locally sourced, our menu changes every single week, with TEN brand new options.


If your delivery is lost, stolen, damaged or spoiled, we’ll reship your order and make it right.

We use both FedEx/UPS nationwide delivery. Food is shipped directly to your home via FedEx/UPS (within 1-2 days of ship day), nationwide. Your order is placed in biodegradable insulated boxes with custom frozen gel packs which are reusable (and dry ice during summer months), because we ship FRESH, not frozen

We deliver to the entire USA, including Hawaii andAlaska.


All heating instructions are on each meal.

Each meal is designed for a single serving. Each meal comes with 5oz of protein and 7oz of veggies

Our meals last in the fridge for ten days and three months in the freezer, they are completely free of any additives or preservatives; instead we use vacuum-sealed packaging for maximum freshness.

o Our food is always locally sourced through our network of chosen farms.

o Often; our vegetables are organic, and our meats are grass-fed or pastured, but when they aren’t, we always ensure they come from suppliers we personally trust

We only use avocado oil, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil or animal fat.


o  Yes you can cancel, skip or change your plan anytime before the cut off date (Mondays at 11:59PM PST)

o  Please use this link to manage

o  Every order that’s placed on or before Monday at 11:59PM PST will be shipped that Wednesday to arrive by Thursday/Friday(based on your location, you’ll receive tracking.)

o   Every order that’s placed after Monday at 11:59PM PST will not be shipped that Wednesday, but the following Wednesday. We know thetiming can be annoying, but after your first week you get on “the schedule” and it becomes effortless.